Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Tribal princess


The print on this playsuit is just grande. It looks like ankara doesn't it? The playsuit is from Forever21. Also I know I am wearing a lot of shorts lately but I will continue to until it gets TOO COLD and well until I can't wear them this short anymore. You gotta flaunt it,if you gat it *wink*
Here are the pictures...

If you are curvier, you could wear a belt with it to create a waistline and also to break it up.

Until the next time sugar muffins... xxx

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bollywood baby

Hi guys,

I got this skirt whilst shop hopping years ago. It is one half of an Asian outfit. I absolutely love the colour, it just pops. I wore it as a maxi skirt, check out the pictures.

Enjoy the weekend guys. xxx

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Shirt in a dress

Hi people,
I previously wore this body con dress from topshop on its own, but I wanted to tone it down, basically make it look more casual and less dressy so I decided to wear a shirt with it.

Enjoy xxx

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Sheer and Pleats craze


Two of the most recent trends are sheer and pleats. Everywhere you go all we see are pleats. it is PLEAT-FEVER!!!!!
I personally can not stand the word trend but it is somewhat cool to be seen in pleats and if you add sheer to it, it becomes sexier.
I got these shorts months ago, although you cant really see but it is pleated. They do look like a skirt but they ARE REALLY SHORTS....

Till the next time, stay blessed xxx

Monday, 29 August 2011

Leather shorts

Hi guys,

I went to Wizkid's concert yesterday and this is what I wore.

Outfit is all vintage
Shoes- Giambattista Valli

These leather shorts are TOO SEXY. I wear them with t-shirts and flats as well. They are the right length for me so can be worn during the day. 

I am still obsessed with animal-like jewellery.
skeletal fish brooch : )

It was an amazing concert but I left early as I was so tired from screaming for Wizkid. I actually thought I was going to faint at one stage.

Till the next time... toodles xxxx

PS. I will give you my excuse for not blogging in the next blog : )

Friday, 8 July 2011

Date night


I went on my 1st date in a while.... Don't you just love dating???  All these thoughts spring to mind?

What will they think of my outfit? Am i showing enough cleavage? Am i showing the right amount of ass? I hope they can afford me because I am not a cheap date, I consume alot. How will i cover this spot? Is the conversation going to interest me? Will I need someone to save me if it gets boring?  I hope I don't forget their name.

I love the banana toffee pudding at Chiquitos so I demanded we went there.

Dress Asos
Tights h&m
Boots Kurt Geiger

The sun won't come out but I needed to feel summery. The flowers just say sun and light. I actually wore the tights and boots 1st and then looked for what to wear with it.

He has got my heart necklace*HUGE SMILE*

Sugar heaven, the 1st time i ate this, i had EAT IT TWICE...Of course I couldnt move for an hour or so afterwards.

1st taste of alcohol in over a month....

These boots are so comfortable.... bliss

Dating sure is fun....

We shall discuss soon enough. xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Electric blue

Hi guys,

It was my nephew's dedication at church so we danced our way to the front today. I LOVE DANCING...I just wish I could do it a bit better like err Beyonce... : )

Vintage blouse
FnR skirt
Alexander McQueen shoes
Asos belt
Vintage sunglasses

I just love the electric colour of this skirt. I saw the fabric and just fell in love... I usually wear it casual with a t-shirt.
Can you see how skinny these heels are? I am learning it's heel 1st whilst walking.

This hair is causing problems everywhere. woman oh, man oh they just want to know I am..... shhhhhhheeeeee....LOL

I am currently OBSESSED with animal jewellery. This owl is the prettiest thing ever. I hope this current obsession doesn't mean anything bad.

Till the next time... keep smiling : ) xxx

Friday, 24 June 2011


Drum roll please.......................

I tend to wear vintage dresses to weddings and events because I know no one else will turn up in it.
It shows my personality and my style and you can accessorize anyway you want to.

So I have a vintage dress I am giving away. It is a purple, strapless dress. It is stunning to a wedding. I wore it 5years ago to a wedding in Lagos.
It has pockets so it gives it an edge.

It is a size 10/12. It is quite roomy around the bust and waist. Actual measurements are Bust: 32"
Waist: 30"
Hips: 42"


*To get this beauty all you have to do is leave a comment saying where you would like to wear it to, how you would accessorize it.


*You have to update you facebook and bbm status with http://www.frockitrockit.blogspot.com/ for at least a day. I WILL KNOW IF YOU DON'T!!!!


Even if it isn't your size, you could give it to a loved one.
I will pick the winner at random.

Let the most stylist belle win!!!!

****WINNER IS JAE FAGBEMI**************


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My mummy's scarf

I woke up this morning and I was convinced the clocks had gone back... gone back to February. I don't want to seem like the typical British, forever complaining about the weather but CAMMANNN.
Anyways, my mummy's scarf is a delightful member of my wardrobe. I use it to sleep, honestly I HATE tying scarves on my head to sleep. I don't how some of my friends will have a scarf on all day because they want their hair wrapped. NOT ME!!!, I NO FIT. I will use any excuse, Tope, why didnt you tie your scarf last night? Me: I was drunk. Tope why didn't you tie your scarf last night, Me: I couldn't find it...you get the drift. I also tie it whilst I am cooking in Nigeria. So, my mum went through a stage of tying turbans and scarfs and this scarf is one of them. It is full of bold colours. The print is gorgeous. Whilst I am out, I tie my scarf in 2different ways, here is one of them.

Black tee Primark
Red Skinnies h&m
Shoes Kurt Geiger(worn with socks because it is cold)

I turned up my jeans...

This is how the scarf should look.The above pictures were taken 7hours later.lol
Mean muggin face

Ugly mean mugging face

My this man i am not playing with you right now face

My I think I am sexy and I may just dance face

My after 4hours of cooking in Nigeria face. if you zoom in you will actually see the sweat.

Quite a few people asked me what colour and make lipstick I was wearing in my last post. It was Sleek and the colour orange.
Today's lipstick is Rimmel diva red. It would be nice if you actually left comments on the blog instead of my bb or facebook. Thank you : )

Toodles xxx