Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A very short-long shirt

Hello there,

It's me again.

I tried on the new FnR shirt dress last week and I thought I would upload the pictures. I wore it on holiday in Spain and I felt like a princess. I never thought I would use the word princess to describe a shirt dress, but miracles do happen. It moves beautifully as you can see in the pictures.

Here are the pictures.

I know you don't see my face but under this fringe, it is HOT and I wasn't really comfortable with my hair...but I LOVE IT NOW....

Oh and also yes I am wearing the shoes... I don't have heels in this country, so no, I am not really a tramp. lol

Pictures below were taken in Spain are below...

The FnR shirt dress is available in pink, neon green and black. Please send your messages via facebook or to or guess what you can leave a comment...

Till the next time.... ciao xxx

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A Star Is Born

Hey my summer babies,

I know it's been a while so I won't bore you with my excuses but say it's warm in London and it's fun to dress up. I am a summer baby, I can not lie...if you have been trying to see me all year with no luck, I am usually the one calling you during the summer, let's do lunch*wink*

I went to a bbq yesterday and decided to wear this outfit. I had to launch this new necklace from my new collection. I freaking love it... I got so many compliments about it and you know what that does to me.... hehe

I love my heels but in the heat, I just cant....

The collar necklace is part of FnR's new collection Made With Love...It is called  "star". It is so versatile. It can be worn with blouses, dresses, t-shirts and it instantly transforms your look. You will definitely be noticed with this statement piece. It is 10gbp or 3k naira.

If you would like 1, please send a message to or send a message to me via facebook.

Till the next time.. xxx