Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aso-oke mi

I decided to go out for the 1st time in London this year... Well I think it is the 1st time, if not its probably the 2nd or 3rd..LOL.
Seriously where do old people go? I don't even know anyone in this country anymore...Reason no 26 why I must relocate.

Speaking of relocating, my mother relocated to Nigeria when I was 19 and honestly,she made a BIG mistake of leaving her clothes behind. Her closet was full of shoes (its a REAL pity we don't wear the same size), belts but clothes, now clothes can be taken apart and remade. I particularly fell in love with her lace, aso oke collection. I used some as scarves during the winter, I made outfits with them... Till to this day,when she is looking for something, I immediately and INSTANTLY act deaf.

I am currently working on the new FnR collection and I wore the Aso-oke skirt from the collection. It is made out of aso-oke with an exposed zip.
The fit is DELICIOUS. The colours are way too sexy,you automatically feel happy when you wear this skirt. The skirt is available in 2 length, mini and knee length.
The cut of the skirt, well it feels as if you are wearing a girdle.  SERIOUSLY!!!!
l felt  like a ROCKstar in this skirt.


Exposed zip

Almost fell, I didn't say I was a model oh.lol

It was an amazing night... Till the next time, mwah!!!

Sunday, 22 May 2011


How do you wear your shirt?

For years now, I have bought all different types of shirts. My wardrobe is filled with shirts with frills, shirts with lace. I have silk shirts, stripes YES, polka dots YES. They are a MUST-HAVE. I love wearing mine with a pair of jeans and with skirts. They look fabulous with trousers. I AM SCREAMING THIS NOW, THEY ARE VERSATILE.

I had a lunch date with my friend on Saturday and of course I persuaded her to eat Italian. 

This is the sexiest colour ever. If i had an island, this would be the colour of the ocean
Vintage shirt
Skirt is from American Apparel

It would get windy so I had to cross my arms because I was looking like a green parachute.

The money shot.. Christian Lacroix vintage sunglasses

Sandals are from Kurt Keiger. They are so comfortable. A MUST-HAVE in a woman's wardrobe.

My money maker..my legs. 
There was a time when I couldn't wear trousers out to a bar/club. I saw it as an abomination. The 1st time I wore trousers to a bar, I think I was 22. That's when I knew I was getting old.

The evening arrives and I get a phone call, Tope meet me for drinks. You are already out and you are thinking how do I dress up my outfit? How do I transform this daytime look to a night a time sexy look. 

Listen carefully because this will go really quickly.

  • If you can change your lipstick colour to a more night time colour. ADD MORE COLOUR TO YOUR LIPS.

Let your hair down. 

Tuck in your shirt.  Pull up your skirt a little, so your waistline is emphasized.

VIOLA!!!! You are good to go

Sunday and it's church day. One thing I am finding difficult at the moment is the fact that most of my clothes and shoes are in another continent and I honestly only have 3 suitcases of wearable clothes and shoes here. 
One of my greatest fears is I dream of an outfit like most women do(smiling), I wake up and realize an item perhaps my shoes are somewhere else.. I can't even finish this sentence.

Denim shirt worn with Chinos from Zara(6years old).

Miu Miu suede pumps

Vintage brooch bought from a market. I bought this when I decided to move back to Nigeria. Long live the Queen.

Let me be real, I can not wear heels during the day time for a long period. I HAVE TO CHANGE into comfortable flats. These espadrilles are from Primark. 

One of my favourite things, THE INTER-CHANGEABLE FACE STRAP watch. When I was younger, i had this pretty suede box and in the box, there was about 8 different coloured straps and different faces for my watch. Quite a few of my friends had it too. It was the IN thing like pop swatch.

Anyways that was a long blog. Till the next time, stay blessed. my peoples PLEASE leave comments so I know what you think.. xxx

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hello Peoples,

I had a hectic week so on Friday night I had this bright idea, Matopeda, why not have a glass of rose?!... let loose... what a mistake!!!!! I didnt even finish the glass before I began my antics. I hadn't consumed alcohol in over a month and I REGRETTED the half glass of rose. I started to film myself dancing to music...I will not be uploading that video...So anyways, Saturday and LIGHT. I thank God for light but it was bright, too bright if you ask me.
I had quite a few deliveries for FnR but I just couldnt get up, but I had to...I also had a picnic but I just didn't know how and where I would get the strength from.

The idea was to wear the bright coloured shirt to distract people from looking at my face.

Both shirt and shorts are vintage. The EVERYDAY AND EVERYWHERE loafers are from a store on Chancery Lane.

These shorts are the best. they cover all sins. I can dress them up with heels or wear with a shirt on an off day. I do house chores with them, I cook in them, I go dancing in them... you just have to FROCKing LOVE it.

You will notice that I will more than likely have the same bags. I HATE filling my bag up with things, even though I know that is the purpose of a bag. I don't know how to carry a heavy bag.*headache*. I also find it really difficult to buy bags. 
My nail varnish is grey matt. I FROCKing love it.
Photographer- Dare

That night, I drank 4 glasses of rose AGAIN. You will soon understand me, I NEVER LEARN.

Sunday was church day.. yayyyyy.
I have become a bore, recluse and hermit so Sundays are my days to get dressed and look like FROCKstar. I used to wonder how a certain somebody(I won't mention her name) would DRESS UP to church. My sister would buy new shirts, dresses just for church, but now I understand. When you don't go out during the week, you cherish your SUNDAYS.

I am wearing all FnR. I love the BOLD colour of this skirt. I can wear it with any colour top and it looks FAB. The shoes are Alexander McQueen.

Photographer- Tolu

The moral of this week's story is don't drink Rose, drink ribena, hahaha... I am funny. Have a FROCKing good week.


Friday, 6 May 2011

What are you FROCKing today?


Firstly, I have to let out a big scream. I am finally doing this. I have been told on so many occasions to start a blog, put up your pictures etc and for many reasons I haven't done it until now....

Anyone that knows me, knows I am in my own little world. In this world, I walk on gold, it is very colourful, people smile, London underground isn't expensive, I mean WTH and I am always right.

Please find below a list of reasons why I didn't want to do this "segment"...
1) I can't stand telling people where I get my things from... but I working on it.. I presume it is called sharing.
2) I get bored easily so let's see how long this will last.lol
3) Until 2 years ago, I never repeated an outfit i wore. *scratching skin now* Obviously my everyday clothes are on repeat but I mean clothes I value but times are changing....it is a real phobia.

My style is effortless. I don't spend time looking for what to wear. It infuriates me if I am being forced to ponder on it. There is only one "forcer" in my life.
COMFORT is an important factor me. Most times when i buy clothes, I buy a size larger and because I am tall and sexy, I get away with it.
My style is bold. I relish colours.
My style is sexy. I don't believe you have to wear fitted, short and in some cases SMALL clothes to be sexy. If you wear a piece of clothing with confidence, it is sexy.

Today, I am FROCKing...

Today, I am wearing a forever 21 striped top with wide leg culottes from asos. Black leather bag from tk maxx and Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses. The sandals, well we shall discuss at a later date. I must tell you about this forever 21 store. I discovered it whilst on holiday in Dubai. It is a Primark but not everyone in the UK will have their clothes. Love it.

Necklace from store in Dubai and vintage belt.
photographer: Dare

It is funny, I hardly ever wear new clothes. These clothes are all less than 1month old. I am evolving.

Okay, that wasn't too difficult and please feel free to leave comments because if you don't,I just won't do this again. PLEASE don't send your comments to my bb. Thank you and God bless.