Wednesday, 22 June 2011

My mummy's scarf

I woke up this morning and I was convinced the clocks had gone back... gone back to February. I don't want to seem like the typical British, forever complaining about the weather but CAMMANNN.
Anyways, my mummy's scarf is a delightful member of my wardrobe. I use it to sleep, honestly I HATE tying scarves on my head to sleep. I don't how some of my friends will have a scarf on all day because they want their hair wrapped. NOT ME!!!, I NO FIT. I will use any excuse, Tope, why didnt you tie your scarf last night? Me: I was drunk. Tope why didn't you tie your scarf last night, Me: I couldn't find get the drift. I also tie it whilst I am cooking in Nigeria. So, my mum went through a stage of tying turbans and scarfs and this scarf is one of them. It is full of bold colours. The print is gorgeous. Whilst I am out, I tie my scarf in 2different ways, here is one of them.

Black tee Primark
Red Skinnies h&m
Shoes Kurt Geiger(worn with socks because it is cold)

I turned up my jeans...

This is how the scarf should look.The above pictures were taken 7hours
Mean muggin face

Ugly mean mugging face

My this man i am not playing with you right now face

My I think I am sexy and I may just dance face

My after 4hours of cooking in Nigeria face. if you zoom in you will actually see the sweat.

Quite a few people asked me what colour and make lipstick I was wearing in my last post. It was Sleek and the colour orange.
Today's lipstick is Rimmel diva red. It would be nice if you actually left comments on the blog instead of my bb or facebook. Thank you : )

Toodles xxx


  1. no, you wore socks cos u r razz not cos it is cold.

  2. Matopeda!!!! Lav it!