Monday, 6 June 2011

Spots and Studs

Hi guys,
It's Monday morning and the weather absolutely sucks. It's the kind of weather where one would pay anything to remain under the duvet. I honestly believe the English weather suffers from some type of personality disorder because it just doesn't make sense, AT ALL. I have a feeling a man broke her heart a long time ago so sometimes she is Elizabeth(kind,warm,playful) or at times she is Nene(NUTTER).
However, it was scorching on Saturday and I had a 3year old birthday party, so I took my niece to the park to eat some chicken and drink caprizone.WAIT, am I the only Nigerian that doesn't like caprizone or infact supermalt. SERIOUSLY, supermalt is the most disgusting drink ever, I can almost regurgitate at the smell of it.
You can do leopard print in different colours and not just brown. 
Top h&m
Shorts Vintage
Rayban sunglasses

The hair was inspired by Rihanna and Beyonce... Beyonce's new song best thing I never had...

The crackle effect nail varnish, AMAZEBALLS. I painted my nails the night before and ofcourse as I got into the car the following day, my sister asks are your nails and top meant to go together? YIKES. but i wasnt going back into the house to change. NEVER!!!

I don't know anyone else that eats more than this girl, oh no actually her mother, grandmother and me... LOL, it must run in the family.

You do know adding her on the blog was a strategic move on my part, go figure. LOL

Jimmy Choo sandals
 Well, until the next time adios... Try to put a smile on someone's face today. My motto is it is better to add a smile than to wipe away a smile. : )
P.S please leave comments, this message isn't from me, I PROMISE... Morayo's mum wants her head to explode about how cute her daughter is..*ROLLS-EYES*


  1. Loool, both you and Morayo are very cute!! Love the top, but i just cant get away with this look till ive shed some pounds on the michellin around my waist...... write something up for us apple shapes.

    Loving the blog, keep em coming!! :)

  2. yeah I agree. something for the apple shape.

  3. Thanks Liz.... I will post something soon.

    : )

  4. shape...are they counting apple shapes and then you re raising ur hand.....yahhh...i cant even laugh....

    anyway topsy love the sandals definely..and the cute Kids...Gorg...too bad her mama aint that cute................

    Lmao...eni will kill me!!!!

  5. @Ezra LMAOOOOOOO. let Eni catch you hahaha. xxxx

  6. That was my Tobi's bday party> thanks for bringing Morayo!!!! maybe she will pay my tobi some attention when he starts bringing home millions from his football/tennis career!!!!