Friday, 8 July 2011

Date night


I went on my 1st date in a while.... Don't you just love dating???  All these thoughts spring to mind?

What will they think of my outfit? Am i showing enough cleavage? Am i showing the right amount of ass? I hope they can afford me because I am not a cheap date, I consume alot. How will i cover this spot? Is the conversation going to interest me? Will I need someone to save me if it gets boring?  I hope I don't forget their name.

I love the banana toffee pudding at Chiquitos so I demanded we went there.

Dress Asos
Tights h&m
Boots Kurt Geiger

The sun won't come out but I needed to feel summery. The flowers just say sun and light. I actually wore the tights and boots 1st and then looked for what to wear with it.

He has got my heart necklace*HUGE SMILE*

Sugar heaven, the 1st time i ate this, i had EAT IT TWICE...Of course I couldnt move for an hour or so afterwards.

1st taste of alcohol in over a month....

These boots are so comfortable.... bliss

Dating sure is fun....

We shall discuss soon enough. xxx

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  1. Your blog is soo cool!
    saw it on for style sake
    Plus i have that awesome necklace too :)
    follow eachother??