Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Aso-oke mi

I decided to go out for the 1st time in London this year... Well I think it is the 1st time, if not its probably the 2nd or 3rd..LOL.
Seriously where do old people go? I don't even know anyone in this country anymore...Reason no 26 why I must relocate.

Speaking of relocating, my mother relocated to Nigeria when I was 19 and honestly,she made a BIG mistake of leaving her clothes behind. Her closet was full of shoes (its a REAL pity we don't wear the same size), belts but clothes, now clothes can be taken apart and remade. I particularly fell in love with her lace, aso oke collection. I used some as scarves during the winter, I made outfits with them... Till to this day,when she is looking for something, I immediately and INSTANTLY act deaf.

I am currently working on the new FnR collection and I wore the Aso-oke skirt from the collection. It is made out of aso-oke with an exposed zip.
The fit is DELICIOUS. The colours are way too sexy,you automatically feel happy when you wear this skirt. The skirt is available in 2 length, mini and knee length.
The cut of the skirt, well it feels as if you are wearing a girdle.  SERIOUSLY!!!!
l felt  like a ROCKstar in this skirt.


Exposed zip

Almost fell, I didn't say I was a model oh.lol

It was an amazing night... Till the next time, mwah!!!


  1. the skirt is gorgeous! and I love the colour of your shoes!

  2. I love the skirt... Beautiful colour. I want!!!

  3. what shoes are u wearing?

  4. Fabulous babe, hw can I ignore ur money maker?!......

  5. Thanks everyone... all smiles.

    The shoes are from Kurt Keiger baby baby. They are at least 6inches high.

  6. Omg help me from going green with envy and wanting one like yesterday

  7. The skirt is lovely...good work topsy...think will get the knee length one...

  8. i want that skirt but want mine longer...like on my knee>>pencil skirt pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i can get u the aso oke if u want....