Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hello Peoples,

I had a hectic week so on Friday night I had this bright idea, Matopeda, why not have a glass of rose?!... let loose... what a mistake!!!!! I didnt even finish the glass before I began my antics. I hadn't consumed alcohol in over a month and I REGRETTED the half glass of rose. I started to film myself dancing to music...I will not be uploading that video...So anyways, Saturday and LIGHT. I thank God for light but it was bright, too bright if you ask me.
I had quite a few deliveries for FnR but I just couldnt get up, but I had to...I also had a picnic but I just didn't know how and where I would get the strength from.

The idea was to wear the bright coloured shirt to distract people from looking at my face.

Both shirt and shorts are vintage. The EVERYDAY AND EVERYWHERE loafers are from a store on Chancery Lane.

These shorts are the best. they cover all sins. I can dress them up with heels or wear with a shirt on an off day. I do house chores with them, I cook in them, I go dancing in them... you just have to FROCKing LOVE it.

You will notice that I will more than likely have the same bags. I HATE filling my bag up with things, even though I know that is the purpose of a bag. I don't know how to carry a heavy bag.*headache*. I also find it really difficult to buy bags. 
My nail varnish is grey matt. I FROCKing love it.
Photographer- Dare

That night, I drank 4 glasses of rose AGAIN. You will soon understand me, I NEVER LEARN.

Sunday was church day.. yayyyyy.
I have become a bore, recluse and hermit so Sundays are my days to get dressed and look like FROCKstar. I used to wonder how a certain somebody(I won't mention her name) would DRESS UP to church. My sister would buy new shirts, dresses just for church, but now I understand. When you don't go out during the week, you cherish your SUNDAYS.

I am wearing all FnR. I love the BOLD colour of this skirt. I can wear it with any colour top and it looks FAB. The shoes are Alexander McQueen.

Photographer- Tolu

The moral of this week's story is don't drink Rose, drink ribena, hahaha... I am funny. Have a FROCKing good week.



  1. I like the skirt too

  2. Love the bright shirt & shorts worked it well. Last photo- Flawless skin :)

  3. i have always noticed how stylish you are. i can not wait for the next blog.great job

  4. I love the colours... Sadly I'm not as brave as you when it comes to colours:(

  5. Absolutely love the red top, perfect for summer days :) and I need that skirt. Nice pics.

  6. Very interesting blog... Nice red shirt though.... and u remind me of someone...

  7. @ Abi Thanks. Beyonce i am hoping.... : )

  8. lol.. sorry to break your heart sweetie some of us dont quite appreciate Beyonce like some would (trying to be politically correct as not to offend)