Sunday, 22 May 2011


How do you wear your shirt?

For years now, I have bought all different types of shirts. My wardrobe is filled with shirts with frills, shirts with lace. I have silk shirts, stripes YES, polka dots YES. They are a MUST-HAVE. I love wearing mine with a pair of jeans and with skirts. They look fabulous with trousers. I AM SCREAMING THIS NOW, THEY ARE VERSATILE.

I had a lunch date with my friend on Saturday and of course I persuaded her to eat Italian. 

This is the sexiest colour ever. If i had an island, this would be the colour of the ocean
Vintage shirt
Skirt is from American Apparel

It would get windy so I had to cross my arms because I was looking like a green parachute.

The money shot.. Christian Lacroix vintage sunglasses

Sandals are from Kurt Keiger. They are so comfortable. A MUST-HAVE in a woman's wardrobe.

My money legs. 
There was a time when I couldn't wear trousers out to a bar/club. I saw it as an abomination. The 1st time I wore trousers to a bar, I think I was 22. That's when I knew I was getting old.

The evening arrives and I get a phone call, Tope meet me for drinks. You are already out and you are thinking how do I dress up my outfit? How do I transform this daytime look to a night a time sexy look. 

Listen carefully because this will go really quickly.

  • If you can change your lipstick colour to a more night time colour. ADD MORE COLOUR TO YOUR LIPS.

Let your hair down. 

Tuck in your shirt.  Pull up your skirt a little, so your waistline is emphasized.

VIOLA!!!! You are good to go

Sunday and it's church day. One thing I am finding difficult at the moment is the fact that most of my clothes and shoes are in another continent and I honestly only have 3 suitcases of wearable clothes and shoes here. 
One of my greatest fears is I dream of an outfit like most women do(smiling), I wake up and realize an item perhaps my shoes are somewhere else.. I can't even finish this sentence.

Denim shirt worn with Chinos from Zara(6years old).

Miu Miu suede pumps

Vintage brooch bought from a market. I bought this when I decided to move back to Nigeria. Long live the Queen.

Let me be real, I can not wear heels during the day time for a long period. I HAVE TO CHANGE into comfortable flats. These espadrilles are from Primark. 

One of my favourite things, THE INTER-CHANGEABLE FACE STRAP watch. When I was younger, i had this pretty suede box and in the box, there was about 8 different coloured straps and different faces for my watch. Quite a few of my friends had it too. It was the IN thing like pop swatch.

Anyways that was a long blog. Till the next time, stay blessed. my peoples PLEASE leave comments so I know what you think.. xxx


  1. love the chinos look Topsy

  2. Ooohhhh I love this post!! I love how versatile shirts are and plan to invest in a lot more... Just sent you a picture on bbm of me rocking a shirt today:) Frock on darling!! Oh can I have the brooch:) Thanks

  3. Honestly dat brooch is fab!
    Loving the night look
    Well done

  4. Thank you so much guys.

    I have a brooch similar for sale. Holler xxxx

  5. I love the blouse, the colour is extremely gorgeous and you were totally rocking it.

  6. An interesting read, good tips on turning a daytime outfit to an evening outfit.

  7. Lemme be a hater for a sec, I dont like everything on u, plus it'll look much beta on me....#justsaying.

    Ok for the real comment, u rocked everything babe< love the day to evening transformation and dat denim shirt....Who knew you could do that to a shirt? FROCK ON babe!!!

  8. Ur legs are too chunky for short looks...the trouser looks better on you... No one likes fat chunky legs ..looks footballerishhhh... Just saying

  9. @ Reks, you can't possibly be referring to my sexy long legs...

    LOL,thanks for the comment boo

  10. love the night look its very do-able. good job.

  11. One word for you Missy... No matter what you wear its always a statement! Rock on, dear!

  12. I like both the outfits and your commentary had me in stitches!

  13. Thanks alot....

    I havent been able to comment... frustrating...

    : )

  14. Hi, Topstar! Here is a man from Finland. I approach to you for a little story. I like both of your outfits. About outfits: Your night look is sexy and stylish. I like that denim shirt. In my opinion: That shirt looks like a safari shirt( chest pockets and epaulets). Denim shirt and safari shirt are that kind of shirts, which I like very much. Now I go to the bedroom, because I'm tired. Before that I wish that autumn will bring all good things to you...