Friday, 6 May 2011

What are you FROCKing today?


Firstly, I have to let out a big scream. I am finally doing this. I have been told on so many occasions to start a blog, put up your pictures etc and for many reasons I haven't done it until now....

Anyone that knows me, knows I am in my own little world. In this world, I walk on gold, it is very colourful, people smile, London underground isn't expensive, I mean WTH and I am always right.

Please find below a list of reasons why I didn't want to do this "segment"...
1) I can't stand telling people where I get my things from... but I working on it.. I presume it is called sharing.
2) I get bored easily so let's see how long this will
3) Until 2 years ago, I never repeated an outfit i wore. *scratching skin now* Obviously my everyday clothes are on repeat but I mean clothes I value but times are is a real phobia.

My style is effortless. I don't spend time looking for what to wear. It infuriates me if I am being forced to ponder on it. There is only one "forcer" in my life.
COMFORT is an important factor me. Most times when i buy clothes, I buy a size larger and because I am tall and sexy, I get away with it.
My style is bold. I relish colours.
My style is sexy. I don't believe you have to wear fitted, short and in some cases SMALL clothes to be sexy. If you wear a piece of clothing with confidence, it is sexy.

Today, I am FROCKing...

Today, I am wearing a forever 21 striped top with wide leg culottes from asos. Black leather bag from tk maxx and Jean Paul Gaultier sunglasses. The sandals, well we shall discuss at a later date. I must tell you about this forever 21 store. I discovered it whilst on holiday in Dubai. It is a Primark but not everyone in the UK will have their clothes. Love it.

Necklace from store in Dubai and vintage belt.
photographer: Dare

It is funny, I hardly ever wear new clothes. These clothes are all less than 1month old. I am evolving.

Okay, that wasn't too difficult and please feel free to leave comments because if you don't,I just won't do this again. PLEASE don't send your comments to my bb. Thank you and God bless.


  1. Nice!!!!! Can I have ur shades?

  2. I guess I prefer a cleaner look. This is too busy for me.

  3. Look suits you but colours are all over the place.

  4. I likey......"Where are the sandals from?"

  5. Thanks guys.

    Ha-ah the sandals!!! LOL I got them about 4years ago.I will write a story about them later : )

  6. love it...but not sure of the colour of the belt though ..can i have the hair though

  7. HAHA... EZRA.. you can have anything : )

  8. I salute you on the discovery of Forever 21... International Primani mehn!

  9. LOL! love your straight forward-ness and your style of course.

    Jen xx